Friday, April 23, 2010

The Ants Have Landed

I've always wanted a pet. A dog, preferably. My husband is extremely reluctant to bring a pet into our house for a variety of reasons, but I never miss a chance to point out the benefits of having one - give the boys a chance to be responsible for taking care of another living being (brothers don't count), get lots of fresh air and exercise by playing with and walking them, etc.

This week, I saw a little black ant trying to make off with a miniscule crumb that it found on the kitchen floor.  The dog that I had when I was growing up was on ants like white on rice.

I decided to launch a new campaign.

me (pointing to the little varments): If we had a dog...
him: Vet cost.
me: Exterminator cost.
him (wincing): Five kids...
me: Five kids!

While this debate rages on, I watch as a bevy of ants tries to make off with our toaster.

Now, what did I do with those ant traps?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tax Season Detox

With my tax preparer husband going through tax season detox over the weekend, I was loathe to toss him too many plates, preferring instead to ease him back into our plate-spinning world. I attended the Saturday soccer games alone while he slept in and puttered around the house. I couldn't begrudge him an opportunity to get re-acclimated to being home, guilt-free on a weekend. I grocery shopped and did the laundry, just as I had for the past three months, while the boys did their chores and went about their day.

All seemed just about back to normal last evening.

This morning, I was hoping for a reprieve - perhaps a chance to sleep in, just a little.

But, no.

When the alarm went off, I mechanically sprang out of bed. In a shot, I was downstairs, spinning all of the plates I needed to ensure that the boys got to school fed and in possession of all required things - gym uniforms, lunch, books, etc.

Once they were gone, my darling husband awoke and asked, "Where is everybody?"  Choosing to not dignify that question with a response, I logged onto my computer and got to work.

There's always tomorrow.

Happy Monday to all and to all a good week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Home Stretch

April 15th. It's the deadline of all deadlines. Taxes must be reported, paid and accounted for, like it or not.

For me, though, this day doesn't mark a deadline at all. It's more of a finish line, designating the end of my "single-parent-of-five-boys-with-a-full-time-desk-job" status. No more getting up before the sun to rouse my boys and get them to school so my tax preparer husband, who had worked late the before, could sleep in. No more loading and unloading the dishwasher three times a day, instead of my usual one or maybe two. No more being the primary negotiator, peacekeeper, grocery shopper, laundry processor and limo driver.

But then again...No more alone time savored after all boys were on their way and I was not yet logged onto to my work computer. No more playing the music I like as loud as I like it. No more having sole ownership of the remote control.


I wonder if I can get him to file an extension...?